Keynote at iEXPO of NEC Tokyo 2019

Live from Tokyo. Check out the innovation dance of Gijs van Wulfen for 1.000+ Japanese managers: ”How to combine operational excellence with innovation excellence?”.

Keynote at ‘The Turkish Innovation Week’

Gijs talked on “How to Start Innovation” as keynote for 2000+ Turks at the Turkish Innovation Week in Istanbul, Turkey. Here’s an integral movie (50 min) of Gijs’s keynote. Click on the link: Keynote Speech Turkey Innovation Week 2014

Highlights of a keynote at ‘Product Innovation Berlin’

Gijs talked on “How to Start Innovation” for the audience of the ‘Product Innovation’ conference in Berlin, Germany. Here’s a short movie (2.21 min) with some of the highlights.

‘Live at the Strelka Institute Moscow’

Gijs was invited by the renowned Strelka Institute. In Moscow he lectured on “How to Start Innovation” for a great audience of Moscovian innovators. Gijs’ inspiring talk was translated simultaneously in Russian. It was streamed all over Russia. f.e. to Omsk and Novosibirsk. Here’s an integral movie of Gijs’s keynote, translated in Russian (54.11 min).

Gijs’s practical view on innovation 

A film team followed Gijs’s activities as an innovation facilitator. They recorded his practical view on innovation in the meantime (1.50 min).

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