The Innovation Expedition

AMAZON Top 3 Bestseller on innovation

Gijs wrote the inspiring innovation bestseller ‘The Innovation Expedition’, a practical toolkit to start innovation. In this book he presents the FORTH innovation methodology, a structured method to start innovation, combining design thinking and business excellence.  

FORTH is an acronym found in the first letter of each of the 5 steps: Full Steam Ahead, Observe & Learn, Raise Ideas, Test Ideas and Homecoming. The methodology is implemented around the world by organisations and companies. Scientific research confirms that the FORTH methodology doubles your innovation effectiveness. In a regular stage-gate innovation process: 37.5% of the screened ideas are launched. In an innovation process, started with the FORTH methodology 77% of the ‘mini new business cases’ are launched. 

‘The Innovation Expedition’ has been published in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Turkish and Dutch.

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Book reviews: The Innovation Expedition

AMAZON.COMThe Innovation Expedition does for innovation what Alexander Osterwalder’s mega bestseller Business Model Generation did for business modelling: it makes a complicated business subject very accessible by telling the story in a visual way and by presenting a method that is tested and works!

Melita Nad (Manager at Western Union): “I love it! I constantly look into it and read bits and pieces. I even took it on holiday with me ;-)” 

Cyriel Kortleven (Speaker on Creativity): “The book is beautifully designed and is a great source of inspiration for the eye and the mind”.

Alan Marson (New-Food Innovation ltd): Great work: a great set of tools for use by individuals and team, one or two of my friends may get this for Christmas.

I even took it on holiday with me

Melita Nad, Manager at Western Union

The Innovation Maze

Management Book of the year

With The Innovation Maze, Gijs published another wonderful book. The Innovation Maze was elected Management Book of the Year 2017 in the Netherlands, which is a great honour. This book is a practical guide on HOW to navigate the innovation maze. It shows four clear routes from different natural innovation starting points and guides you through how to overcome the obstacles to successfully deliver new business cases for products, services and business models. Download your four innovation routes for free:

1.     The idea route: You are starting with a new idea. Download

2.     The technology route: You have discovered a new technology. Download

3.     The customer issue route: You have identified an unsolved customer problem. Download

4.     The business challenge route: Your business needs to innovate. Download

Download here the Innovation maze itself without the 4 routes.

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Inspiration for Innovation


Inspiration for Innovation, a new book by Gijs van Wulfen, is written for anyone who wants to be an innovator: students, start-up founders, inventors, managers, engineers, marketers, entrepreneurs, consultants, change agents, members of the board, and, of course, you.

It tells you how to innovate: pick the right moment, break your patterns, understand customers, come up with great ideas, find new business models, get to market fast, and get your colleagues, partners, and bosses on board. Innovation is learning by doing. Start the right way with these 101 lessons learned. Check it out and order it at:

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